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To a Watchmaker..,

your watch is like a living thing. His world as small as the parts which make up the watch, and as vast as the history of recorded time.

When you listen..,

to your watch, It speaks not only of the passing seconds, but of the skills of all the craftsmen who's efforts have gone into its perfection.

Suisse Watch Service

offers the advantages of extensive training & experience to the care abd maintenance of your Rolex watch.

water resistance is NOT a permanent condition

is NOT a permanent condition.

The gaskets which seal the case back, crystal, crown and pushers deteriorate over time under normal conditions leaving your watch vulnerable to moisture damage.

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With everyday use..,

a film of dirt and fingerprints collects on the watch and bracelet robbing them of their luster. Deposits of dirt and grime accumulate between the bracelet links causing corrosion while acting as an abrasive, grinding the metal away.

Over time, under normal circumstances the synthetic oils "congeal" or "break down". Just like a car, a watch needs fresh oil periodically.

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About me

Swiss trained watchmaker

care and maintenance of Rolex watch
To provide quality after sales service to high grade mechanical timepieces promptly & expertly.”

- David Desilets


David began working in the profession in 1994 as an apprentice to a Rolex certified watchmaker, learning all aspects of luxury watch mantenance.
By 1996, David became the On-site watchmaker for a Fine Jeweler in Bonita Springs Florida. Here, on the front line, he met customers, identified problems and determined necessary corrective actions.

In 1999, He decided to branch out. "Suisse Watch Service" was born!
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Swiss Trained


WOSTEP Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program


ETATheoretical & practical course on the servicing of mechanical watches equipped with ETA movements.
servicing of mechanical watches


American Watchmakers & Clockmakers institute in good standing since 1998.
American Watchmakers Institute

Rolex Watch Service

Diamond Dials

Because even wrists need to look good! Suisse Watch Service is devoted to offereing the hottest trends in dial colors.