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Rolex or Replica?

Are you able to tell the difference between a genuine original Swiss Made Rolex and an immitation?

Rolex or ReplicaCounterfeit Rolex case back identificationCounterfeit Rolex bracelet identification

Is it real or fake?

Immitation Rolex watches on the market today are very good copies.

They even have what appears to be a Hologram sticker on the caseback, designed to trick the unsuspecting buyer.

However, this green "Rolex" overlay pattern does not change in appearance when viewed from different angles.

OK.., you've seen the appearance from the outside. Looks great right?

The message inside..,

Replica Rolex case back identification
Loosly translated reads: "Shit in Your Hand".

Here's a close up of the message from China with love.

Fake Rolex case back identification

Located on the inside of what you thought was an 18 Karat white Gold Rolex Day Date watch.

So to be sure YOU don't end up with SHITINERAND, The best thing to do is to let a qualified watchmaker determine if the watch is a genuine Rolex or Replica.

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Rolex or replica close look