Rolex watch repair service


Swiss manufacturers recommend a complete service every three to five years, depending upon the conditions the watch is subject to.

Just like a car, a watch needs fresh oil periodically. Over time, under normal circumstances the synthetic oils "congeal" or "break down". The tiny gears inside a watch are under tremendous strain - friction is their greatest enemy. When the synthetic ruby bearings become dry, they will effectively grind away the softer steel parts.

Water resistance is not a permanent condition.

The gaskets between the case back, winding crown, and crystal also deteriorate over time as they are subject to many aggressions; dust, cosmetics, perspiration, temperature changes, etc. leaving your watch vulnerable to moisture damage.

Digital Leak Testing

In order to maintain the integrity of this water resistant system, periodic maintenance is required.

Suisse watch service has the latest testing equipment to ensure a proper seal has been established.

Digital leak testing
  • Micro processor based measurement system
  • Leakage rate is always referred back to the ISO 2281 Standard.
  • An unquestionable result is obtained

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