Rolex watch repair service


To a Watchmaker..,

your watch is like a living thing. His world as small as the parts which make up the watch, and as vast as the history of recorded time.

When you listen..,

to your watch, It speaks not only of the passing seconds, but of the skills of all the craftsmen who's efforts have gone into its perfection.

Suisse Watch Service

offers the advantages of extensive training & experience to the care and maintenance of your Rolex watch.

water resistance is NOT a permanent condition

is NOT a permanent condition.

The gaskets which seal the case back, crystal, crown and pushers are subject to many aggression's; perspiration, dust, cosmetics, temperature changes, ultraviolet rays, chlorine or salt water, etc., deteriorating over time under normal conditions eventually leaving your watch vulnerable to moisture damage.

Digital Leak Testing

With everyday use..,

a film of dirt and fingerprints collects on the watch and bracelet robbing them of their luster. Deposits of dirt and grime accumulate between the bracelet links causing corrosion while acting as an abrasive, grinding the metal away.

Over time, the synthetic oils "congeal" or "break down". The tiny gears inside a watch are under tremendous strain - friction is their greatest enemy. Just like a car, a watch needs fresh oil periodically.

Preventive Maintenance

Before & after Restoration service

Rolex restoration1

From routine service to complete restoration including dial refinishing, SWS has been providing after sales service since 1994.