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August 05th, 2020

Rolex auto wind device

Rolex internal auto wind device


The term “self-winding” is really a misnomer.

This is because a mechanical watch cannot wind itself. It must be manually wound by hand and worn during a normally active day or placed on a watch winder in order to operate continuously.

Your mechanical "automatic" watch relies on movement, YOUR movement, to wind the watch.


The oscillating weight..,

pivots freely with the movement of your wrist. This energy is transmitted through a series of gears to wind the mainspring.

Since the watch's self-winding mechanism is directly linked to the wearer's activity, 10 to 12 hours' wear during a normal active day is necessary to maintain the power reserve. The winding rate varies according to the degree of activity of the wearer. Understand that wearing the watch while sleeping won't wind it up!


It's necessary..,

to manually wind via the crown after periods of inactivity, such as lazy weekends - especially Sundays, as the watch is continously releasing its stored energy.

Think of it like allowing your car to idle in the driveway while you're slumbering, chances are it will be running when you wake up but there will be less stored energy (gas) in the tank. You must replenish the energy or the engine will eventually stop. The same is true for your mechanical watch.

When fully wound, your watch has a power reserve of around 44 hours for Gents models, 38 hours for ladies.


For optimum performance ..,

of the internal auto wind device, the watch bracelet should be properly sized and fit securely around your wrist.

Wearing the watch loosely like a bracelet has a negative effect on the auto wind device as well as increasing the likelyhood of potential damage to the crystal (the clear glass you see through) and also often results in stretching to the bracelet as the head of the watch is very heavy in relation to the soft gold links supporting it.


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