Rolex watch repair service
August 05th, 2020

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Keeping a regular maintenance schedule will help extend the life of your treasured timepiece.

Just like a car, a watch needs fresh oil periodically.

To ensure its harmonious functioning, your precision movement depends upon different types of lubricants. Changes in the viscosity of the oil can impede timekeeping through friction wear.

Over time, under normal circumstances the synthetic oils "congeal" or "break down". The tiny gears inside a watch are under tremendous strain, and friction is their greatest enemy. When the synthetic ruby bearings become dry, they will effectively grind away the softer steel parts.

If it's been several years since the watch was last serviced, you could be causing damage every time you wind it.

Keeping a regular maintenance schedule will help extend the life of your treasured timepiece.

With everyday use, a film of dirt and fingerprints collects on the watch and bracelet robbing them of their luster. Deposits of dirt and grime accumulate between the bracelet links causing corrosion while acting as an abrasive, grinding the metal away.

Water resistance is not a permanent condition.

The gasket's on the case back, setting crown and crystal deteriorate over time under normal use as they are subject to many aggressions; perspiration, dust, cosmetics, temperature changes, ultraviolet rays, chlorine or salt water, etc., leaving your watch vulnerable to moisture damage.

Getting moisture in a wrist watch is a very expensive situation.

Our experience..,

has shown that routine maintenance can help prevent future costly repairs.

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